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Importance of Wedding Engagement Shoots

Importance of Wedding Engagement Shoots for the Photographers

Most of the professional Essex wedding photographers tend to overlook the engagement photography shooting. However, as per the experts, they are actually missing a major trick. It might be all well when you receive the project to shoot someone’s wedding. However, the hard part is that in reality, your work has just begun. Shooting a wedding is not just about the business aspect of the photography. It is also about a lot of planning, preparation, and helping people look their best in every shot.

If you are a professional wedding photographer, then it becomes your sole responsibility to put the wedding couple at ease. Try making the wedding photography shoot a fun-filled experience such that they are able to give the best-ever shots and expressions. One way of ensuring the same is by organizing a proper wedding engagement photo shoot for the couple much before the big day.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider setting up a wedding engagement photo shoot with the couple:

  • You Get to Know Each Other: You happen to be a complete stranger to the couple to whom they are giving the money for the photography job. In reality, you also happen to be a guest who has been invited to the wedding –with a purpose! If you happen to meet the couple just on the BIG day, it might take a considerable amount of time for them to settle and relax in front of you. However, by organizing an engagement shoot and spending some time with the couple, it turns out fun getting to know each other openly. With this, you can be assured that the couple is much more relaxed and friendly on the wedding day.

  • Getting Friendly: When you meet the couple for the first time, you can start out by asking as many questions as possible in order to get friendly with them. When the couple is friendly with you, it becomes easier to capture the best shots during the wedding. It takes away their shyness and you are able to share some common photo positions and ideas that work the best for the given theme. You can ask questions about where they met for the first time, how they met, what do they like about each other, and so more. The more you find out about the couple, the better you are able to jell up with the given photography plan on the main day.
  • Knowing About Their Preferences: It is not always necessary that the ideas that you put up are encouraged by the wedding couple as well. When you meet them up in advance during the engagement shoot, you can share some ideas with the couple with respect to the wedding photography theme. As such, you can get an idea of their personal choices and preferences when it comes to the wedding photography. This helps in yielding the best results for the main day photography.

Organize the best engagement photo shoot!

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